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  • CyberLink PowerDirector 14 [Crack + Activation Key + Keygen + Product Key]

    Free download CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate incl. Crack

    Free download CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate incl

    CyberLink PowerDirector 14 is a very powerful video editor which takes your video editing experience to an extremely new level with its advanced and novel features. That is why professional video editors sometimes call it an extreme video editing suite.

    It gives you the high end performance with the help of features in Professional level software. Its intuitive design makes it accessible to both beginners and expert video editors.

    If you have any previous version of CyberLink PowerDirector installed on your computer, then delete its registry keys and reactivate it with a crack.

    What is the procedure to Activate/ Register CyberLink PowerDirector 14 with a Universal Crack?

    The Procedure to Activate/ Register CyberLink PowerDirector 14 with a Universal Crack is as follows

    1. First of all turn of your internet connection
    2. And install CyberLink PowerDirector 14.  Exit from the software and don’t allow it to run.
    3. And then open Regedit
    4. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CyberLink\PowerDirector14\UserReg
    5. And switch to “LocalServer” from “Online Check”.
    6. And don’t forget to alter System date to 31, if it is a thirty day month.
    7. Now click on Run>> PowerDirector 14 Skip>> Online registration.
    8. If an activation dialog pops up on your screen, then it is ok, if not, then import mkv/mp4 to the project library of the Editor.
    9. And tap on “I do not have internet connection”
    10. And run Keygen as Admin and tap on ‘Patch’ button.
    11. Then Copy activation URL from your browser into the Keygen.
    12. And now copy the CD key from the following regedit.
    13. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CyberLink\PowerDirector14 to Keygen.
    14. Then tap on “Activation on Keygen”.
    15. It should activate your software and now you can use it to edit video for free.
    16. But keep in mind, don’t update your software any time and block it via a strong firewall.

    Cyberlink Powerdirector 14 Free Download

    CyberLink PowerDirector 14- important features

    Some of the most prominent features of CyberLink PowerDirector 14 are as follows

    1. It is a very fast consumer level video editor for the Microsoft Windows. And it is the first video editing software that edits 360-degree VR footage.
    2. It is an amalgam  of multiple high end performance and advanced features
    3. The best part despite being so sophisticated, it is very easy to use. So beginners in the video editing field find it comfortable to use.
    4. It has a multiple number of Custom design tools. The tools include animated titles, alpha transition, PiP objects and particles.
    5. It gives them the absolute freedom to beginners so that they can explore, their creative skills which later reflects in their videos.
    6. The CyberLink PowerDirector 15 has no match when we talk about intuitive movie making. Because there are lots of features that enhance the creativity of the video editor which make your movies look more creative and natural.
    7. There is a design that trains beginners in a more unobtrusive and natural.
    8. And it has a unique design that lets video editors to upload video to Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube by eliminating black bars.
    9. It is the fastest and the smartest video editor to create professional high quality videos at a smallest possible time.
    10. Now you can create 360º videos using intuitive design tools, thus opening a whole new perspective on the movie making.
    • It has a complete 360º Editing Toolkit, which opens up a new world of opportunities for video editors.  They are able to add novel effects, titles of their videos to make your videos look more pleasant and natural. You can also experiment with animated objects, transitions and many more effects.
  • DFX Audio Enhancer [Keygen + Crack + Serial Key + License Key] - [100% Working]

    Free Download DFX Audio Enhancer Crack

    Free Download DFX Audio Enhancer Crack

    If you are keen to install DFX Audio enhancer on your Computer Operating System, but are not in a position to purchase its license, then we have a very good news for you. Now you can activate your Program with DFX Audio Enhancer Crack. And use it for lifetime. We will provide you the link of this crack on this webpage.

    What is DFX Audio Enhancer?

    Let us first of all have an introduction of the DFX Audio Enhancer. It is a tool that makes your digital sound files more vibrant by enhancing its quality and effects.

    It changes the quality of Mp3, Internet radio, windows Media and other music files. When you hear it on your PC, you will get a feel of expensive Stereo System sound.

    Because it renews the stereo depth of your music files, boosts audio levels and produces deep rich bass sound.

    DFX Audio Enhancer

    DFX Audio Enhancer- features

    Some of the most prominent features of the DFX Audio Enhancer are as follows

    1. It is fully equipped with most advanced DSP Sound effects.
    2. And it optimizes the Headphone and Speaker Sound.
    3. It has customizable and finely –tuned music presets.
    4. And a Sound Spectrum analyzer which is very dynamic in nature
    5. Plus very powerful Audio Processing Modes.
    6. Shapely, Stylish Skins
    7. Mini-Mod space saving interface
    8. Presets for Backup and Restore
    9. And Presets also for Song Associations
    10. 1/5.1 surround Sound Support
    11. Three Dimensional Surround Sound which gives you a deep feel of the music.
    12. It has a Dynamic Gain Boosting for pumping up the volume.
    13. And a stereo Ambience, which renews the lost stereo depth of the High Fidelity Restoration.
    14. It optimizes your headphones, makes sound more pleasant by adding natural sounds with headphones.
    15. In addition, it has Music Presets which you can customize to choose finely-tuned settings for multiple styles of music.
    16. You will get to listen, rich bass, deep and booming HyperBass Sound.
    17. Its High Fidelity Restoration eliminates all kinds of muffled sound.
    18. There are plenty of speech and music Modes which helps you in optimizing sounds of your audio files.

    DFX Audio Enhancer Cracked Version Download

    What is new in the latest version of DFX Audio Enhancer?

    Some of the new additions to the latest version of the DFX Audio Enhancer are as follows

    • You can create unlimited HD Sound files
    • And the Audio enhancements capability doubles
    • Three Dimensional Surround Sound
    • There are about 39 Finely-Tuned Music Presets.
    • There are perfect settings for all types of music
    • Headphone listening Mode enabled
    • The Optimum Sound for the earbuds and Headphones.

    How to Activate/ Register DFX Audio Enhancer with a crack?

    The procedure to activate Register DFX Audio Enhancer with a crack are as follows

    1. First of all install latest version of DFX Audio Enhancer, but don’t launch it.  And close it from the taskbar.
    2. Now install and run crack.exe file. Tap on patch and locate DFX.exe.  You will find it most probably at C:\Program Files\DFX location.
    3. Now close it and launch your product
    4. This way you have successfully registered your DFX Audio Enhancer.
    5. Now you can use it to enhance the quality of your product.
    6. The crack we are talking about here is universal. You can generate any version of this program.
  • XSplit Broadcaster 2.3.1505.0542 [Crack + Serial key] - [Latest]

    Free Download XSPLIT BROADCASTER 2.3.1505.0542 Crack + Serial key


    XSPLIT BROADCASTER- what it is?

    XSplit Broadcaster is a very amazing video/ audio mixing app that enables anyone to create quality live broadcasts recordings making use of a very simple intuitive interface which anyone can master with maximum perfectness. In a way you can say that it has been engineered to create advanced professional live broadcasts.

    It is a very simple video mixer which enables you to mix various video and audio effects to make your movies more strong, beautiful and elegant.

    You can drag and drop files from any multimedia source into this software and rearrange and resize them to make them perfect for viewing.

    You can create twelve scenes in one time and switch between them dynamically during live broadcasting.


    Some of its most amazing features are as follows:

    Limitless creativity

    Are you a creative person, then show your creativity to the world. Because there is a lot of scope for displaying your creative skills. You can say this software is a Canvas and the multimedia source is a paint. Now it is up to your potential how will use your paint to draw pictures on canvas. Meanwhile, you are busy in producing a broadcast, you can add pleasant multimedia effects, including videos and audios to webcam.

    This software enables video mixer to hook directly into video games via game sources.

    VOD programing, Podcasts, Life events, Presentations and Webinars

    This Software is used by millions of broadcasters around the world for countless live streams and recordings. It is considered a perfect selection for producing quality videos. You can use it for VOD programing, Podcasts, Life events, Presentations and Webinars.

    Powerful production techniques

    The Software uses production techniques as per the industry standards. It uses techniques like Chroma Key, Dynamic Text and the 3D composition effects. In short you can personalize your live broadcast within this tool.

    Beyond HD Broadcasting

    You will be able to produce crystal clear broadcasts in 1080p. By making use of latest video codec technology, you can make the quality of your videos sharper than HD broadcasts. Moreover, this tool supports x264 software encoding.  It also supports Intel QuickSync, AMD VCE, NVIDIA NVENC and the AVerMedia H.264 hardware encoding.

    Support popular capture cards

    It has been built in a way to provide support to all video capture card brands available in the market.

    You can use any of these capturing cards with your device whether it is Blackmagic Intensity Pro, AJA KONA LHi, Hauppauge HD PVR, Roxio Game Capture HD Pro or Hauppauge HD PVR.

    XSPLIT BROADCASTER crack download

    Some other awesome features

    In addition to above features you have a support for Yuan Capture devices and video playing site DailyMotion. It also supports Hauppauge HD PVR 60 capture device.

    System requirements

    If you want to install Xsplit Broadcast, then you will have to ensure that your device possesses following properties.

    1. Your Processor should support HD 720p.
    2. Recording/Streaming: You should have at least 2nd Generation Core i5 or a product equivalent to it for recording and streaming videos. And for the 1080p HD Streaming/ Recording your device should possess at least 2nd Generation Core i7 or a product equivalent to it.
    3. And there should be at least 8GB free space on the disk.
    4. You should be using Graphics Card GeForce or Radeon Class or better than that.

    How to Crack XSPLIT BROADCASTER 2.3.1505.0542

    If you are not in a position to purchase XSPLIT BROADCASTER license key, you can use 2.3.1505.0542 Serial Key to activate you XSplit Broadcaster or you can simply download crack from the internet to accomplish this task.

    The complete procedure to Crack XSPLIT BROADCASTER 2.3.1505.0542  is as given below

    1. First of all you will have to download XSPLIT BROADCASTER on your device
    2. Then you will have to install it on your device
    3. Now download and install Xsplit Broadcaster 2.3.1505.0542. exe
    4.  And Copy the XSplit.Core.exe from your crack folder to the install directory of your software.
    5. Then create a free Account, login, and enjoy.
  • Movavi Video Editor 12 [Activation Key + Crack + Keygen] - [Latest]

    Movavi Video Editor 12 Free Download Activation Key Plus Crack

    Free download Crack plus Serial Key Movavi Video Editor 12

    Movavi Video Editor 12- A about it

    Do you want to become a professional video editor, then we will suggest you the name of an editing suite, which will make you a full-fledged editor without any basic training from a school or a training center.

    We are talking about Movavi Video Editor 12, a useful, powerful and amazing video editing utility. This editing suite is used by almost all professional video editors across the globe.

    It is useful for video editors who are new to this field because it is a basic software. And it is very simple and easy to use.

    It offers you a complete set of instruments and unlimited other features. You can very easily superimpose captivating moves, subtitles and impacts. And it is very easy to incorporate a soundtrack to dub the video.

    Some of its most amazing features include purging, contrast, brightness, changing white, sharpness and many more features.

    And moreover, you can apply above 20 channels and effects in your video projects.

    The editor supports almost all popular video formats such as MPEG, MP4, DVD, MOV and ASF etc.

    And the amazing thing is it helps budding video editors to save the changed recordings to MPEG, AVI and WMV video formats for yielding best output results.

    Movavi Video Editor 12- Popular features

    Some of the most popular features of this video editor are as follows:

    1. It possesses Updated Bolsters as an assortment of Video and music.
    2. You can alter your movie naturally in three stages
    3. Its UI is easy to use and alluring for client projects.
    4. There are ample number of sound impacts and selectable videos.
    5. You can make changes to selected tracks
    6. It has a large capacity to record sounds tracks and videos.
    7. You can make slideshows just like a professional editor.
    8. It is easy to copy DVD’s and CD’s quickly.
    9. You can create multiple number of menus to make DVD motion pictures.
    10. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows including 7/8/XP and 10.
    11. You can create 3D images with this editor and it also aides you in creating interactive slide shows.
    12. No doubt it is meant for editing videos, but you can use it to read all types of multimedia files as well.
    13. You can insert effects like Twirl, Stripes and inferno, etc. There are various transition effects that you can use to enhance the quality of your videos.
    14. This editor enables you to customize your titles or add comments on videos and many more things. You can view your projects easily on DVD and CD burner. And then watch them with your family and friends.
    15. Moreover, this App enables user to share multimedia files on the social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc.
    16. You can also export your videos, to devices like the iPhone. You can also associate your video with peripheral supports which means you can import videos from the camera.

    Movavi Video Editor 12 crack

    Crack Movavi Video Editor uses Activation Key

    If you are not in a position to purchase Movavi Video Editor, then you can use the serial key given on the page to activate your software. This key is highly useful and hardly in any case it fails to activate Movavi Video Editor.

    The procedure to activate/Crack Movavi Video Editor using Activation Key is as follows

    1. First of all download Movavi Video Editor on your computer Operating System
    2. Then install this software on your Windows computer
    3. After installing this software now download Movavi Video Editor Crack along with the serial key from the internet.
    4. Then unzip the files
    5. And install the crack using given instructions
    6. Run it as admin and tap on activate
    7. It should activate your software.
  • Synthesia Latest Version [Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen]

    Download Synthesia 10.2 Crack with Key here !!

    Synthesia 10.2

    Synthesia is a Piano Trainer Application which helps learning Piano in just a few days. We will provide you its crack here. Click on the link on this page to download it on your system. And then use it to activate your Synthesia 10.2.

    Synthesia 10.2- Features

    1. Synthesia 10.2 is a perfect trainer for people who are keen to learn and play piano on smart phones, Tablets and computers.
    2. It is like a fun to learn piano on Synthesia 10.2.
    3. It is a very interesting Application for both novice and experienced piano players. On one hand, experienced people learn new Piano playing skills and novice get a basic training of piano playing.
    4. Currently more than one million internet users across the world are using Synthesia to learn Piano Playing skills.
    5. You can use it on Macintosh and Windows Operating Systems.
    6. Moreover, you can play PC Keyboard or MIDI keyboard.
    7. This Applications waits for you until you play a right note. And it gives you musical notations for the songs you play.
    8. Further you can turn this Application off when your notes start falling.
    9. You just need to select your Practice goal and leave rest on this Application.
    10. Now you can play unlimited number of songs from its music store or on MIDI file.
    11. This Application has dozens of other features that provide you appropriate tools for Practicing Piano.
    12. There are features like convenient hand for splitting songs and arranged as solo Piano apart. It is a multilingual Program which supports English, Italian and many other languages.
    13. The best part is that it contains a guide which takes you step by step through the Piano Practice.
    14. It is a user friendly and a neat Application and you can very easily customize things as per your requirement.
    15. You Can play this Application on iPad, Windows devices, Android and MAC.
    16. You can both build and test your piano playing skills
    17. It provides you online contests and can share files on social media as well
    18. It has a very easy touch keyboard which gives easy access to its features.
    19. To control the speed of the songs is in your hand.
    20. You have choices available to play varied music notes.

    Synthesia 10.2

    How to crack Synthesia app?

    • First of all, install the setup of Synthesia 10.2 on your computer.
    •  Then install it on your device
    • Then download crack and copy its content to the notepad
    • And then launch Synthesia
    • Then tap Add More Features.
    • And use keys in the key field.
    • This is all you have to do. Then you can enjoy this Application on your device.

    Synthesia 10.2

  • Overwatch Game Latest Version [Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen]

    Free Download Overwatch Game Crack Version for Computer !!


    Baywatch is a first- Person Shooter (FPS) computer game with stunning visuals that appease eyes of the viewer. Overwatch is a multifunctional Game and its Graphics are just stunning.

    Overwatch Game Features

    When you play this game, it gives you a feel of real action. Some of its amazing features are as given below:

    1. The Game Compromises of three modes. The modes are Assault, Escort and Map Control. To register a win on your name, it is important for you to work as a team not an individual performer.
    2. You are required to play multiple roles and play your part in the success of your team.
    3. During the course of playing this game, you will have to face a variety of enemies who may be equipped with Destructive weapons like Guns. And they will be displaying Wonderful skills of war.
    4. For you there are several characters. You can choose any hero character for yourself. The character you will choose for yourself will possess its own fighting skills, weapon, style and the ability. There are weapons like Hammer-rifle gun and many other deadly weapons in the hands of both enemy as well as hero.
    5. And each character will have some strength and some weaknesses. The classes of Heroes in Overwatch game are Heavy, Offense, armored and Helping.
    6. It is compulsory for every team hero to beat enemies in the fight. The Game manual contains instructions how to help your team watch to achieve best class and position on Map.


    Also Read about New Features of Overwatch Game

    1. You just learn how to lead your team to emerge as a hero.
      In the Game, there are two teams comprising of six heroes and they have to fight enemy together.
    2. In the first mode of game, your enemy team will try to fetch more and more points on Map and your team will just try to play a defensive role.
    3. And then in the second mode, your opposite team will attempt to escort a vehicle to some location in a stipulated time. And the role of the defending team is to prevent it from reaching to its destiny during the stipulated time.

    System Requirements for the Overwatch

    •  To load this game on your device, you should have minimum 64bit Windows 8/10/ 7 installed
    • Your computer should have minimum Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom (X3 8650) Processor
    • It should have minimum 4GB RAM and Hard Disk Space 30GB
    • IT should have one of the following Graphics adapter loaded on it.
    • ATI Radeon HD 4850, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, and Intel HD Graphics 4400.


  • Serato DJ [Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen] - [Latest]

    Download Latest Versio of Serato DJ Crack + Serial Keygen

    Serato DJ

    Serato DJ is a music mixing tool used in in parties and other functions. This tool is mostly used by professional expert in music and beats. Music lovers can also make full use of Serato DJ.

    Composers and DJ’s who are keen of mixing and editing music and sounds make use of Serato DJ because it provides them too many features in one package.

    Since this tool is not any real time mixing console, that makes it easy to handle. You can handle it with just a keyboard and mouse.

    Its interface is multifunctional. Because it has a number of tools for combining and mixing different audio tracks to create a new one.

    For new users, there are a number of free tutorials which they can understand easily.

    Key Features:

    1. It is widely used tool because it is attractive and simple, easy to use for inexperienced users.
    2. It creates an appropriate atmosphere for music lovers who want to have a virtual DJ experience.
    3. You will be able to mix sound tracks like a professional. It has a lot of controllers which ease your work load.
    4. If you are aspiring to become a composer or DJ in future, then you will definitely like this tool.
    5. You don’t need to have so many musical instruments to become a DJ, one need just this tool and very few instruments, a mixer, computer and Serato DJ.
    6. You will find this tool very user friendly. Some DJ’s make use of it during live performances
    7. It includes details such as elapsed, progress, time, pitch information and more. In addition to these details, there are color coded waveforms on deck.
    8. You can recognize  frequencies you are viewing with ease
    9. The stability of the tool is Rock solid

    Serato DJ

    How will you crack Serato DJ?

    After installing Serato DJ on computer, now the next step is to activate itActivation phase may be challenging for users who are not in a position to purchase a valid license key. We have a very good news for these users who are not able to afford Serato DJ license keyThey can download a crack from the link on this site to activate their Serato DJ.

    The procedure is as follows

    1. First of all download a crack
    2. Then extract setup from  this downloaded file
    3. Then run the “Serato Dj.exe
    4. Now install it and don’t open the tool
    5. Copy “seratoDJ.exe”  from crack
    6. Place it in the installation directory of the tool.
    7. It should activate your Serato DJ file

    Conclusion:  All we conclude from the above stuff is Serato DJ is a simple tool but filled with professional features.


  • Avanset VCE Exam Simulator [Crack + Serial Key + Keygen] - [Latest]

    Download Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Pro 2.2.3 Crack Latest free here!


    VCE Exam Simulator or VCE Player is an amazing app for taking exams. Moreover, this is a test program which enable you to take exam tests for certification exams preparation. So, with this app it’s easy and helpful to prepare for exams. Hence, do practice just by taking exams in an environment like actual exam. Here on this page you can download free VCE Player. Just click the link and then download the free VCE Exam Simulator. So, on this page the latest Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Pro 2.2.3 Crack with key is available for download.

    About Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Pro 2.2.3:

    Avanset VCE Exam Simulator is an interesting app for scholars, learners and for everyone. Because this app is a complete test engine which was specifically designed for certification exams preparation. So, any institute or learner can use it for preparing exams in an environment just like a real exam.

    Moreover, this simulation app serves users an actual exam environment. So, it enables users to edit, create, and take various practice tests. Hence, VCE player serves as an environment which imitates the real world. In addition with this, users can easily operate this app as it has a user-friendly functionality and interface. So, we can safely say that it’s a best VCE Exam Simulation app for certification.

    Further, the new Avanset VCE Exam Simulator 2.2.3, program provides users its enhanced and new features. With its new and enhanced functionality and features users now get more facilities and easy operations. So, in the new program users can do many things. For example, it enables to move a question by dragging, alter the type of questions, option to add background and many more.

    Moreover, the new version of the program not only easy but it’s quick and handy than any other earlier version. So, it’s a helpful and handy app. Further, it you needn’t to be an expert to play this interesting app. Now with this app it’s easy and quick to manage your school and college exams.

    With using this program users can seek required conditions and tools which they face during exams in real environment. Thus, this app serves as comprehensive tool for exam preparation and certification. Further this app provides many realistic questions and practices which enhances your capability. Furthermore, such training and practices which this app provides builds your foundation also you sort out your problems easily.

    So, this app is really an amazing and helpful app. Therefore, here on this page you can download this Avanset VCE Exam Simulator/Player Pro 2.2.3 Crack with key. It’s free download here, just click on the link.

    Avanset VCE Exam Simulator

    Features of Avanset VCE Exam Simulator Pro 2.2.3

    • It provides an environment which simulates the real world. So, you get an actual exam taking environment.
    • With this app, you can easily customize its various exam taking modes.
    • Further, it provides you various types of questions. Hence, you can attempt questions of different types to polish your knowledge and skills.
    • Also, using this app, you get the complete exam in a single file.
    • It enables to edit files and exams for printing to track various changes.
    • With this app, it’s easy to justify any errors occur also, fix the error where the problem occurred.
    • Moreover, the app provides you an exam editor with its preview functions.
    • Further, you can take use this app for taking exams from existing exam files.
    • Also, the VCE exam support files originating from non-English and non-Latin.
    • Users can take exams in multiple languages such as Arabic, Russian, Chinese, and more.
    • Users can install this app in more than one computer system.
    • With this app users get many attractive graphics which users can include in their practice tests.

    Avanset VCE Exam Simulator

  • Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen - [Latest]

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack + Serial Key + Patch + Keygen – [Latest]


    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack

    If you are looking for Sony Vegas pro 13 crack then you are at right place as in this article we will cover Sony Vegas pro 13 crack,Sony Vegas pro 13 keygen,Sony Vegas pro 13 serial key,Sony Vegas pro 13 Serial number & Sony Vegas pro 13 patches. Sony Vegas pro 13 is the most used software for the professional and non-professional purposes. When we talk about the older times, video editing was a havoc. Only some professional and the urbane studios were designated to add the needed visual effects to the videos. But as the technology unfolded and took a huge hop, video editing has become a homely affair. You just need a computer and a video editing software. Sony Vegas Pro is one of those software which is encumbered with all you need to edit the videos and transform it into a masterpiece. It was originally presented as an audio editor which was later upgraded to edit the audio and video both. You can perform the real time video editing with this software on diverse tracks. Download the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro 13.

    How to Download Sony Vegas Pro 13?

    1. Go to the official website of Sony Vegas and download the software.
    2. Click on download. Once the download is completed, right click on the .zip file downloaded and click on ‘extract to Sony Vegas Pro 13’.
    3. Go to the extracted folder and double click on ‘vegaspro13.0.425 file. Run the setup.
    4. Click on ‘install current version’ and create a desktop shortcut.
    5. Let the installation take place.

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack

    The Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the most preferred video editing software by the professionals as well as the amateurs. But the only problem arises while activating the software. Some of the features of Sony Vegas are available only with the premium version of the software. you can purchase the software from the official website of Sony Vegas. But in case you don’t want to spend money on activating the software, you can download the Sony Vegas pro 13 crack to activate your software and avail the premium features without spending a single penny.

    But the problem arises when the Sony Vegas Developers introduces a new version of Sony Vegas Pro 13. Whenever a new built of Sony Vegas Pro is introduced, the users have to download the crack and activate it again. If you want to avail the premium features of Sony Vegas Pro 13 but not willing to put your money in the premium version, then you can download the Sony Vegas Pro 13 Crack. The Sony Vegas Pro 13 Full Crack will provide you with the serial key to extend your trial period.

    How to Crack Sony Vegas Pro 13?

    1. Download the latest version of this software from its official website.
    2. The software downloaded will be the trial version.
    3. Now download the Sony Vegas pro 13 crack from the links given below.
    4. Open the Keygen. Click on the ‘generate’ button. This will automatically generate a Sony Vegas pro 13 activation code and serial numbers.
    5. Copy the activation code and serial keys from here. Paste it when the activation window asks for it.

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Serial Number

    • 1HF-13WE-Q01Q-KRT9
    • 1HF-23R7-1T1Q-GJ76

    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Authentication Code:


    Sony Vegas Pro 13 Serial Number:

    • 1RW-MJGE-D3EV-01KQ

    SONY VEGAS PRO 13 Screenshot











    There is an alternative method as well.

    1. Download the Sony Vegas Pro 13 Patch
    2. Run the patch with the administrator rights.
    3. Click on the ‘Patch’ button. Browse and choose the installation path.
    4. Wait till the whole process is completed.
    5. Open the patched application.
    6. Click on ‘Generate’ in the patcher.
    7. Copy the serial key and activation code from here.
    8. Paste when asked for the activate code.

    Features of Sony Vegas Pro 13

    There are many features of Sony Vegas Pro 13 that makes it one of the best video editing software in the market. But there are some salient features of Sony Vegas Pro 13 that makes this software different from the crowd.

    1. Powerful and useful video editing software.
    2. Supports all Windows.
    3. User-Friendly and sorted interface.
    4. You can edit SD, HD and 4K videos in 2D and stereoscopic 3D.
    5. Supports drag and drop feature.
    6. Shape masking tool
    7. Numerous video effects
    8. You can edit audio files as well
    9. Supports loudness meter
    10. Edit videos in many formats
    11. You can edit your videos offline on your iPads or tablets anytime or anywhere.
    12. You can leave feedbacks and comments and make notes.
    13. Advanced 3D editing
    14. GPU acceleration
    15. Higher audio control

    What’s New in Sony Vegas 13 Pro

    1. The newer version includes the new project handler.
    2. You can use the Sony wireless adapter to send proxies over cloud.
    3. You can now archive your project to edit it in the future.
    4. The new video plugins have been added.
    5. The existing features are now improved.

    System Requirements for Sony Vegas Pro 13

    1. OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
    2. RAM: 4GB
    3. HDD: 1 GB for installation
    4. Processor: 2 GHz